Myths About Child Custody Cases

If you are in the middle of a child custody battle, you may want to speak with a child custody lawyer  residents trust, such as from the Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. Fighting for custody can be stressful and you want someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side. A lawyer can guide you

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How To Protect Yourself During A Divorce

As you begin preparing for your divorce, it is likely you have many questions. You may be wondering what series of events brought you to this point in your marriage in the first place. While getting a divorce can mean one chapter of your life is over, it can be a turning point for you

Common Allegations Of Medical Malpractice

Common Allegations Of Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Surgery always comes with risks. When something goes wrong with an operation, it isn’t necessarily the surgeon’s fault. Sometimes, though, a doctor fails to administer reasonable care and should be held accountable for their poor actions. Here are a few arguments for why a medical professional may have committed malpractice. Infections Invasive

Steps For Navigating Claims Process 

Personal injury accidents happen everyday and unfortunately many of them are preventable. Whether you have gotten into a car accident, pedestrian accident, slip and fall, or other accident, you may be able to recover compensation with the guidance of a competent lawyer.  If you are not sure what to start with a personal injury claim,

What Does Workers Compensation Cover

What Does Workers Compensation Cover?

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, and unfortunately, this includes the workplace. Following an accident in the workplace, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers who get sick directly from their job or job environment can also apply for workers’ compensation. Worker’s comp can cover various financial needs that can help pay

Legal Do’s And Don’ts Of Real Estate Deeds

Business Services A deed is an important part of real estate transactions. It is key to defining and understanding the details involved in the transfer of ownership of property or assets. Read on to learn about some of the legal do’s and don’ts of creating and abiding by a real estate deed, as explained by

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