Contracts and contract litigation: Tribune Media sues Sinclair

Tribune Media Company has axed its merger agreement with Sinclair Broadcast group and is taking Sinclair to court for breach of contract. Contracts and contract litigation cases such as this in Maryland and elsewhere are usually launched to seek compensation for a party breaching a contract, and in this instance, for breaching a merger agreement.

Family law in Maryland: Protecting an inheritance in a divorce

Most people work hard for their money and the last thing they want is to see any inheritance they get have to be shared with an estranged spouse. Maryland family law governs divorce that may affect inheritance funds. These funds are usually protected in the event of a split unless the funds are in a

Family law in Maryland: Child custody and abuse accusations

There is no place for violence in any situation. When it comes to family law rules in Maryland, the law pulls no punches that children do not belong in settings in which violence takes place. When parents are divorced and there are accusations of abuse against one parent, the courts have to decide, based on evidence,

Zoning impacts how you use your property

Building a home gives property owners the chance to make every decision from start to finish and design exactly the home they want. New property owners looking to build a home have an image in mind when they set out to design and develop a structure. That image can’t include just anything, though. The city

Buying a home in Maryland in a seller’s real estate market

Buying a home in a seller’s market can be tough. But there are some real estate tips that may help Maryland residents looking to purchase real estate in this type of market. Timing plays a large factor when purchasing a home in this type of climate. Inventory is at a premium, and buyers need to

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