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What Does an Executor of a Will Do?

Will Executor Lawyer Philadelphia, PA When you have been assigned as a will executor it can come with a lot of responsibilities and duties. When someone chooses you to be their executor it can be an honor, but it also has its obligations. You should understand the role that you are accepting since it can

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How to Hire the Right Employment Lawyer

Employment Lawyer If you are facing unfair treatment in the workplace, it may be time to consult an employment lawyer. A lawyer can fully investigate the issue and determine if you have legal recourse or not. Here are some guidelines for hiring the right employment lawyer. Ask Family and Friends for Referrals If you are

Working With Your Law Office After an Injury

When you hire a firm to help with your case, it can help to know who does what at the firm.  Each law office will operate somewhat differently, but your main point of contact could be a case manager, secretary, legal assistant, or paralegal.  Or you may speak directly to the attorney working on your

How Do I Enforce A Child Support Order?

How Do I Enforce A Child Support Order? Each state has an agency that oversees the collection of child support. In some states, this is done through the state’s attorney general’s office. Other states may do this through their health and human services agency, while others leave it to the local district attorney’s office. Whatever

Is Your Carpal Tunnel Eligible for Compensation?

Most people know that if you were to injure yourself lifting heavy equipment at work, you would be entitled to workers’ compensation. You may not know that you can qualify for workers’ compensation if you have a work-related condition. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive stress injury that doesn’t occur suddenly. If you have carpal

What to Do in a Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce A contested divorce can make an already complex process even more challenging to resolve. When a divorce requires the division of assets or there are outstanding issues that one or both spouses must resolve, the divorce is usually classified as contested. In these cases, the divorce is not completely agreed upon. One spouse

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