Real estate: Is there a best time to buy a home in Maryland?

Buying a home is probably one of the most exciting ventures anyone can make. But in terms of the timing, is there is best time to buy a home in Maryland? Real estate agents will usually say the best time is anytime; however, there are some issues that come into play like what the market itself is

Family law: Foster care in Maryland

There are many children waiting to be a part of a stable, caring and loving environment. Some kids in Maryland are waiting for foster families who will care for them within the parameters provided by family law rules. What many people don’t realize is that there are different types of foster care situations: having a

Happy social media, happy marriage

We all have friends that do it. They post about all kinds of slights between them and their spouse on social medial. Whether she forgot to pick up the kids or he forgot to take the trash out (again). But what happens when you involve your 200+ friends on Facebook in the daily frustrations of

Real estate in Maryland: Tax benefits of home ownership

Owning a home comes with big responsibilities, but it can also come with some pretty sweet pluses. For many Maryland residents, investing in real estate is a wise move. Owning a family home also has some definite positives when it comes to tax benefits. Starting with the interest on a mortgage — the newer the loan,

Maryland real estate trends for 2018

Buying or selling a home is an exciting, yet often confusing process. The world of real estate is forever changing. House prices escalate, then they drop. Trends are always shifting, so a prudent buyer or seller should always be aware of what to watch for in this interesting industry. In Maryland this year, home prices

Real estate: Selling a home successfully in Maryland

Making the decision to sell the family home may not have been easy. But once that emotional decision has been made, doing the right things to ensure the process isn’t too challenging is pretty imperative. The real estate industry in Maryland can be unforgiving and challenging, so being armed with the proper knowledge as a

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