Family law: Shared parenting benefits in Maryland after divorce

Divorce can be particularly rough on kids who have been used to being parented by two individuals. Family law rules in Maryland, however, provide for the continuation of that parenting style with shared parenting situations. Studies show that kids who are co-parented have better overall emotional health, do better in school, have a healthier self-esteem

What happens if one partner breaches their contract?

Anytime two or more persons enter into a business partnership, they should establish a contract that outlines the nature of each person’s responsibilities and limits of authority. Contacts are essential to solidify expectations and provide each party with legal recourse should the other party fail to uphold their duties. This is important even if your

The funds it takes to close a real estate deal in Maryland

Buying property isn’t a cheap endeavor. Many Maryland residents entering the real estate market to purchase a home may be unaware of exactly what kind of money is needed to close the deal on their dream abodes. No homebuyer wants to be caught off guard when it comes to not having enough cash to close a deal. Closing

Family law: A new kind of postnuptial agreement becoming popular

It’s hard to believe that anyone would get married believing their soon-to-be spouse might be unfaithful. But some people are seeking extra insurance if their spouse has cheated on them once, and they want some extra insurance that it won’t happen again.  Through family law in Maryland, some people who have been cheated on are getting their unfaithful spouses to

4 things to consider before deciding against a prenup in Frederick, MD

Wedding season is well underway for couples across Maryland. If you are among those preparing for your spring or summer nuptials, then you likely have done your fair share of planning recently. However, one planning detail you might have dismissed or put off could be a prenuptial agreement, whether the idea made you feel uncomfortable or

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