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Are you prepared to dissolve your professional partnership?

No matter how you reach the decision to dissolve a partnership, the process can get messy quickly, particularly if you or your partner do not have a strong grasp on how to execute the dissolution. Unlike other types of businesses, partnerships often involve much less documentation, and sometimes don’t even require a written agreement to

Why sole custody is rarely given

Custody battles are some of the more complex and difficult cases in court. The courts put great value in a child’s opportunity to live and learn from each parent — even after a divorce. There are only a few situations that may warrant sole custody in Maryland. What does sole custody mean for each parent? There are

Be aware of additional costs when buying a home

Wise new home buyers take the time to determine the most sensible mortgage plan and budget for a down payment. These may seem like the most obvious costs of buying a home, but there are a number of additional expenses to budget for when preparing for a real estate purchase. Some of these added expenses,

Happy social media, happy marriage

We all have friends that do it. They post about all kinds of slights between them and their spouse on social medial. Whether she forgot to pick up the kids or he forgot to take the trash out (again). But what happens when you involve your 200+ friends on Facebook in the daily frustrations of

What happens if one partner breaches their contract?

Anytime two or more persons enter into a business partnership, they should establish a contract that outlines the nature of each person’s responsibilities and limits of authority. Contacts are essential to solidify expectations and provide each party with legal recourse should the other party fail to uphold their duties. This is important even if your

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