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Family law: A new kind of postnuptial agreement becoming popular

It’s hard to believe that anyone would get married believing their soon-to-be spouse might be unfaithful. But some people are seeking extra insurance if their spouse has cheated on them once, and they want some extra insurance that it won’t happen again.  Through family law in Maryland, some people who have been cheated on are getting their unfaithful spouses to

Important tax considerations during divorce in Frederick, MD

The next couple of weeks will be quite busy for accountants and tax preparers. The federal tax filing deadline is quickly approaching and many people who are in the midst of divorces may be unsure of how they will file their taxes, and are unsure of what the consequences will be. For those who owe

Maryland family law: Preparing for a child custody hearing

There is a lot at stake when preparing for a child custody hearing. Family law rules in all states — Maryland being no exception — have definitive laws when it comes to children. The first step in preparing for a hearing is to be familiar with applicable state laws and how they apply to various

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