Peeples Law Group offers the support of a child custody lawyer Frederick, MD families will need when enduring divorce. The divorce process can be rife with challenges. It should come as no surprise for many that child custody will be one of the most highly emotional issues you and your soon-to-be-ex will need to develop agreements around. When couples begin separating their lives, it will become apparent that they will also need to share in the care of their child. Custody agreements can be incredibly challenging, especially when you and your child’s parent do not see eye to eye on how they should raise their child. Parents will need to meet in the middle and, we know that this can be an incredibly challenging thought to consider. However, we can support you in developing an agreement and overcoming obstacles while keeping your interests at the forefront. 

Our firm will take the time to listen to your needs and develop a strategy you can feel confident in during a time that may be incredibly turbulent for you and your child. We are dedicated to helping our clients meet their goals, so it’s critical not to be hesitant in retaining our services. 

Reaching Child Custody Agreements

When children are involved in the divorce process, it’s always critical to keep their best interests at the forefront. This is the standard applied by the courts that consider the child’s emotional, physical, and social well-being in child custody cases. Our Frederick, Maryland child custody lawyer will tell you that a family may choose from several types of agreements. It’s vital to know parents can customize child custody agreements to meet the child and their family’s specific needs. In most typical situations, both parents may share legal custody while the other may have physical custody of the child. Once a plan is developed, the court will then review and approve the plan. However, know that should parents disagree or have difficulty setting an agreement, the court may take matters into their own hands, which could take away your ability to have a voice during the process.

Know that both parents must have a relationship with the child they share whenever possible. Negotiating an agreement with each other can assist with a smoother process during a challenging time and ensure that both parents can have a say in how your child will be cared for. 

Child Custody Matters Require Guidance from a Legal Professional

When developing child custody agreements, parents need to retain a legal professional’s services as this can play a huge role in receiving an outcome that is in the best interests of both you and your child. Our Maryland firm is dedicated to supporting families during a time when they need us the most. Facing your “new normal” is entirely unknown and, having an experienced lawyer by your side from Peeples Law Group can offer the peace of mind that families require. To ensure that your interests are kept at the forefront and to receive the best possible outcome, schedule a consultation with our Frederick, MD, child custody lawyer as soon as possible. 

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