Common Scenarios That Cause Personal Injury Accidents 

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury LawyerA personal injury lawyer understands that personal injury accident scenarios can be difficult to process, and the recovery process can take a long time. Many personal injury accidents are caused by negligent or inattentive drivers. When you are recovering from an injury, you can face problems that go beyond your injuries. If you are forced to miss work because of your injuries, you may be concerned with how you’re going to pay your bills, provide for your family, or fulfill other obligations. For legal assistance, a personal injury lawyer like one from Barry P. Goldberg can get you started with the claim. 


Many accidents are caused by drivers who are not driving carefully. Some drivers rush to get to their destination to the point where they disregard the safety of others. Speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents and other types of personal injury accidents, which can cause injuries like broken legs, head injuries and internal bleeding. 

Distracted Driving 

There are many constant distractions on the road and inside a vehicle that a driver must be aware of. A moment of distraction is enough to cause an accident which can result in severe injuries. They need to make a concerted effort to pay attention to the road and yield to drivers and pedestrians. A driver can strike a victim if they are not paying enough attention to their surroundings. 

Driver Fails to See Person When Backing Up 

Another common cause of personal injury accidents is when a driver does not look in all directions when they are backing up a parking space or driveway. Drivers need to look slowly and not rush, otherwise they may fail to see a person walking by. They should also back up slowly so people can see that vehicle is moving. 

Miscommunication When Crossing

Making eye contact is important when you are at an intersection or crosswalk. This allows both the driver and pedestrian to be aware of each other’s presence. Using the proper hand signals also helps to give direct and clear messages to the person you are communicating with. However, miscommunications can happen when one person is not paying attention, such as when a driver attempts to make a turn while a pedestrian is crossing. 

You don’t have to handle an accident claim alone. Learn more information about filing a personal injury claim by meeting with a skilled and trusted lawyer now.