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divorce lawyer Frederick, MDEnding a marriage is not an easy decision and if you and your spouse have decided to go this route then a divorce lawyer in Frederick, MD is here to help. But, do you even need a lawyer for such a thing? It isn’t a simple question to answer as it will depend greatly on you and your spouse’s situation. 

In general, the less you have to rely on the courts to solve the issues, the more smoothly the divorce is going to go. However, not everything can be solved so easily and that is when you would turn to a divorce lawyer. That is when you would turn to qualified lawyers from Peeples Law to help you through this area in life. Just do you need a lawyer or not? 

Reasons You Don’t Need a Divorce Lawyer

Not everyone is going to need a lawyer to help them through this process. If you and your spouse are on good terms then you may not need legal help to resolve issues. Often these issues are: 

If you and your spouse can work through all of that with no issue then you don’t need a lawyer to step in. Working with your spouse through the process gives you advantages that working with a lawyer doesn’t. One of the biggest ones being you will be in better control over your divorce than if you let the courts decide how to break everything up. 

Assuming you and your spouse worked through all the bigger issues you can generally ask the court to grant you a divorce in writing. This is what is called an uncontested divorce. In most states, this is enough but many do require short court hearings if minors are involved. 

When Hiring a Lawyer is Good

If you cannot work through your problems with your spouse it is time to hire a divorce lawyer. However, you do not want to hire the first lawyer you find on Google. You have to take the time to ask yourself what type of lawyer you need at your side. Do you need someone to fight against your spouse in court or do you need someone that can help you work out an agreement? 

Tensions are going to be high during a divorce and you want someone who is skilled and is willing to work with you through it all. You also need someone who is going to understand what you want out of your divorce and how to best mediate the situation. 

There are situations that you need to hire a lawyer to have your side. Here are some of the main situations that hiring a divorce lawyer that makes the most sense: 

If you are facing any of these issues then hiring a divorce lawyer in Frederick, Maryland could be in your best interest. If you have any questions about what a qualified lawyer can do for you or if you need help figuring out if you need one don’t hesitate to reach out to Peeples Law today.

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