Family law: How child support works re an incarcerated parent

It doesn’t matter what the adults in their lives are facing, children need to be supported financially and emotionally. When a parent in Maryland who is paying child support lands in jail, chances are he or she is still responsible for paying that support. Family law rules are in place to safeguard the best interests of children; however, incarcerated parents beholden to paying child support may ask the court to have those payments suspended while they’re behind bars and unable to earn an income.

A parent in jail could also ask the court to reduce the child support payments he or she has to make. It’s up to the court whether to grant such a modification. Those released from jail may be able to get help to reintegrate into society, making them able to meet their child support obligations after finding gainful employment.

After getting out of prison, it’s important for the incarcerated parent to re-establish a relationship with his or her children. If at all possible, that relationship should be maintained during the person’s incarceration. Once released, it’s important for the person to let the appropriate government authorities know that child support payments will be resumed as soon as possible if they were not being made while the individual was behind bars.

An experienced family lawyer Frederick, MD trusts may be able to offer further information about incarcerated parents and their financial obligations regarding their children. Child support comes with many rules and issues. A lawyer can clarify those areas of the law that are confusing and help come up with a plan to address any unresolved issues.