Family law: Millennials making their marriages work

When it comes to marriage, it seems like millennials are doing something right. More American married couples who are under the age of 45 are actually staying married according to the latest statistics. They’re distinctly different from baby boomers who tended to marry young, divorced and married again. Issues revolving around marriage in Maryland are under the family law umbrella.

Millennials and generation X’ers are waiting until they’re older to get married and apparently waiting until they’re pretty sure they’ve found the right partner. They’re also waiting until they’ve accomplished some personal goals before adding a spouse to the mix. They are making sure they’re on track with things like finances, education and careers.

Some baby boomers are divorcing even when they’re in their older years — even in their 70s. It is true, too, that many young people who are less educated and who have fewer finances are not choosing the matrimonial path, so they don’t factor into divorce numbers. It could be, too, that marriage is becoming an institution for the more educated and elite in society, which experts say may create a wider space in inequality.

The bottom line is that as long as marriage continues to exist, so too will divorce. And when that is on the horizon, each spouse may benefit from the advice of a divorce lawyer Frederick, MD offers. A lawyer can explain the often complex and confusing laws that govern the dissolution of marriage and he or she will be able to guide a client accordingly.