Family law: Solo parents may mean better parents

Divorce doesn’t have to be replete with negatives. Family law rules give divorced Maryland residents the tools with which to be great parents even when they’re not parenting as a married couple. In fact, there are times when being a single parent means being a better parent.

Single parents don’t always have to get the nod of the other parent when it comes to the everyday issues pertaining to their kids. Decisions about these things — like how late a kid should stay up or what sport he or she should play, for instance — can often be made solo. Single parents can also show their children that they can be independent and make life work on their own accord.

Of course single parenthood can be stressful, but there are many resources available for parents who are parenting solo. Being a single parent doesn’t have to be any more stressful than being married parent. In fact, there are more single parents in America today than ever before. Marriage is no longer looked upon as being necessary to raise well-adjusted, self-confident children.

Even parents who share parenting find that they are making many decisions regarding their kids on their own. Of course in shared custody situations, parents must agree on major changes or decisions. A family lawyer Frederick, MD trusts can enlighten clients on what can and can’t be done legally as a parent living the single life. It’s typically better to keep major decisions regarding kids out of the court room.