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Filing a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

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When vehicles and pedestrians meet unexpectedly, the results are often catastrophic. The person on foot is usually the one who gets injured due to the speed and weight of a vehicle, and broken bones, spinal injuries and head trauma are not uncommon. If you were injured by a careless driver while on foot and believe he or she owes you for medical bills, lost wages and the pain you endured, there are a few questions you can ask a wrongful death lawyer to ensure your case is viable. 

1. Do My Injuries Make a Difference in the Case? 

While some pedestrian/vehicle injuries are usually quite apparent, others may take longer to show and may require long-term treatment to heal, such as those that affect your motor skills. While each individual case may have its own details regarding the list of injuries, you may not want to rush to file your suit because you may yet have undiscovered injuries you may not be able to add later. 

2. How Much Time Do I Have To File? 

Most states have their own laws and statute of limitations for pedestrian accidents, but your attorney can assist you with learning about those limits and how they affect you. Some states set the limit at one year, where others give you as long as six. While you may have some leeway when it comes to these limitations, it is best to understand the law and file in as a timely manner as possible. 

3. How Do I Prove Liability? 

As the plaintiff in a pedestrian accident, the burden of proof will likely be upon you, especially for proving negligence or carelessness on the part of the driver. To support your case, supply your attorney with a police report, eyewitness accounts and medical reports that clearly outline your injuries. For example, if the driver was cited by authorities because he or she was distracted by a cell phone or speeding. A police report can also help prove you crossed with the light and in a crosswalk or whether you had the right of way. 

4. How Long Will a Verdict Take? 

The length of a pedestrian accident case usually depends on its complexity and the number of people involved. A verdict and settlement could take months or over a year, but offering an attorney details about your case may allow him or her to narrow down the timeline for you. 

The injuries that result from a pedestrian/vehicle accident can change your life forever, but you do not have to face an uncertain future alone. Contact an attorney today for additional information and assistance. 

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