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How To Protect Yourself During A Divorce

As you begin preparing for your divorce, it is likely you have many questions. You may be wondering what series of events brought you to this point in your marriage in the first place. While getting a divorce can mean one chapter of your life is over, it can be a turning point for you to begin focusing on what is truly important. When you begin working with a divorce lawyer, they will do everything in their power to ensure you are protected and that you are getting what is fair from this divorce. So, in what ways can you prepare for your divorce? 

Steps To Take Prior To Your Divorce 

  • Work with an attorney. When it comes to a divorce, you never want to try to go through this by yourself without legal help. Instead, find a lawyer, like a Tampa, FL divorce lawyer from a law firm like The McKinney Law Group. Even if you feel that you and your spouse are ending your marriage on good terms, you want someone on your side prepared if things go downhill quickly. 
  • Set mediation expectations. Mediation can be one of the greatest tools during a divorce and should be one of the first directions you go in. Mediation can be a tool that allows you and your spouse to split things fairly without needing to go to court. This can save both time and money. However, do not invest everything in mediation because it does not always work out and your spouse may choose not to work with you through this process. 
  • Have your own bank account. It is important to begin saving money for yourself, especially when you and your spouse have shared a joint bank account. While a judge can still consider this shared money in certain circumstances, if you use it for everyday living expenses, your lawyer, mental health counseling, or other divorce expenses, a judge will likely consider this your property. You can also begin putting money into savings so that when the divorce is finalized you have something to fall back on. 
  • Keep an eye on your account. If you have a joint bank account with your spouse, it can be helpful to see where your shared money is going. Are they withdrawing cash to make private purchases? Are they spending money on plane tickets or in other ways that may raise eyebrows? 
  • Know that children can complicate things. A divorce is much more complicated when you have children and it is important to understand that your spouse may try to use your children against you or may use them to make the divorce more difficult. Work with your lawyer to come up with a plan that is in the children’s best interest and focus on that. Have a plan for their medical needs, educational needs, and where they should live. 

Getting a divorce does not have to ruin your life. When you work with a lawyer you can rely on, they can turn this into a situation where you can grow and–eventually–thrive. If you are looking for a lawyer when you are starting the divorce process, call a local firm you can trust.