Maryland family law: A new school year amid a fresh divorce

Divorce can wreak havoc in many areas of day-to-day living until the family becomes used to a new way of doing things. The first time kids head back to school after the divorce of their parents can be especially difficult for them and their parents. But family law in Maryland provides some tools to help make the transition from one to two households easier, which may help to lessen any angst in other areas such as the first day of school.

Helping kids set goals they’d like to achieve during the new school year is one way of getting both parents and children involved in a new beginning. If both parents can participate in this, all the better. Also, it is important to note that child support is intended for the essentials like food, clothing and shelter, so it usually does not address things like who pays what for extra-curricular activities. When both parents can agree to share these costs equally, it may be in the best interests of their child.

When who is responsible for what is ironed out before the school year starts, school days are apt to be less stressful. In other words, if parents can sit down and work on a calendar — with input from the child if he or she is old enough — regarding what to do when kids are sick or how days off are handled, things may go more smoothly and there is apt to be less chaos when the time comes or if something unforeseen should happen. Putting the focus on the children is the right thing to do when it comes to helping them navigate the school year.

A family lawyer Frederick, MD offers may be able to assist his or her client with some of the issues surrounding children and divorce. He or she may be able to help fashion a co-parenting plan, which might include things regarding school. A lawyer may also be able to help with contentious issues before they escalate.