Maryland family law: Preparing for a child custody hearing

There is a lot at stake when preparing for a child custody hearing. Family law rules in all states — Maryland being no exception — have definitive laws when it comes to children. The first step in preparing for a hearing is to be familiar with applicable state laws and how they apply to various situations. If a parent is requesting sole custody of a child or children, he or she better have a pretty strong case to convince a judge sole custody would be in the best interests of the children.

Knowing what the court expects regarding how to act in court may also be wise to know. Courts are formal places with specific rules of conduct. An attorney can school a client in such etiquette. Part of that is knowing what to wear to a hearing to present a positive impression.

Being armed with the knowledge of what to expect during a hearing may help to alleviate the stress that may be associated with the courtroom. A judge will be making decisions that will affect both parents and their children. It is important, then, to know what that process entails.

family lawyer Frederick, MD offers can help a client to prepare for a child custody hearing by ensuring all the proper documents have been filed and all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. An attorney’s advice and guidance may be invaluable when presenting a case to a family court judge, showing how the children’s best interests are being served. A lawyer can also offer advice about pertinent documents the court may wish to review prior to making a custody decision.

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