The Hard Truth About Truck Accidents and Injuries

Vehicular accidents are far too common. Poor judgment, distracting driving and reckless behavior can lead to incidents on the road. It doesn’t take much of a collision to cause an injury. The most severe accidents can lead to catastrophic results. When semi-trucks are involved, the consequences can be even worse. If a truck driver hits you and causes harm, you should speak to an attorney that specializes in personal injuries and car accidents. It’s also helpful to understand why truck accidents can be so much more serious.

Carrying Weight

The main reason commercial tractor-trailer trucks cause so much more damage is because of their sheer weight. While a typical car weighs around 5,000 pounds, an 18-wheel truck with a load could be as much as 80,000 pounds. A truck carrying no load could still weigh 20,000 pounds or more. The force of such a collision can be tremendous. Also, because of the size of the truck, any contact with it is sure to impact you directly in some way.

Stopping Difficulties

Even with average reaction time, people at the wheels of cars can bring their vehicles to a complete stop much more quickly than a truck driver can. Even if the truck driver applies the brakes at the first sign of danger, the truck will still hit you at a high speed. This momentum and the load behind it can inflict devastating harm to you and damage to your car.

Lack of Maneuverability 

Head-on collisions are the worst types of accidents to experience. Fortunately, many drivers are able to steer out of the way and avoid these crashes. In fortunate cases, the driver may have the time to avoid hitting you altogether. Truck drivers don’t have this advantage. The size of the truck makes it almost impossible to maneuver effectively to miss cars on the road in sudden instances.

Types of Injuries

Your chances of dying in a crash with a tractor-trailer are much higher than in an accident with a car. Other serious injuries such as concussions, internal harm or fractures can occur.

Your Rights

An attorney can help you build a personal injury case if you are hurt in an accident with a truck. The lawyer will look at the facts in the case to determine whether the truck driver was negligent or deliberately hit you.

When you’re on the road, drive defensively, obey the law and buckle up. If you are hurt in an accident, seek medical help and meet with a truck accident lawyer in Washington, DC as soon as possible.

Thanks to Cohen & Cohen for their insight into personal injury claims and truck accident injuries.