What to consider when negotiating a contract with an actor

As a filmmaker, one of your top priorities when planning the making of your film will be staying within your budget. So many film projects exceed their original budget, which can lead to a host of problems further down the line. By making sure that you are aware of how to stay on budget during casting through the smart negotiation of actors’ contracts, you can potentially save a significant amount of funds.

Decisions made on casting will involve many different factors, including the prominence of the actor, the suitability of them to the given role, and, of course, their required salary. It is likely that compromises will need to be made in some way or another, but through good bargaining techniques, you may be able to negotiate a salary to your advantage.

What should I be considering when trying to negotiate with an actor?

When you are negotiating with an actor, you should be considering the prominence of the role as well as the actor’s suitability. If you do not have a significant budget but you know that the inclusion of the actor will inevitably lead to higher success for the film, you may be able to negotiate through box office bonuses and sale bonuses in return for a lower weekly or daily rate.

What terms are important to clarify in an actor’s contract?

Salary is important, but it is not the only thing that you should be negotiating in the contract. You should also consider the exclusivity that you require during pre-production, production and post-production. Perhaps you want to limit endorsements during this time, or want to halt any TV that they engage in.

In addition to these limits, the actor will want to clarify what is included in their payment. For example, they will want to know what type of transport will be included in their employment, as well as the accommodation and living expenses that they will be subject to while they are filming.

If you are trying to negotiate contracts with actors in Maryland, you should make sure that each contract is written by an experienced contact lawyer Frederick, MD trusts to protect your interests and to prevent disputes from arising.