hit and run accident lawyer Frederick, MDAt Peeples Law Group, a hit and run accident lawyer in Frederick, MD knows that failure to take particular actions after a car accident can seriously affect the compensation you receive. How you react may play a role in whether an insurance adjuster or judge decides another driver was at fault and, if so, how much you are owed. Here are some steps that should be taken after every vehicular incident.

Assess Injuries

Before leaping out of your automobile, ask yourself if you feel any pain or discomfort, as you might be injured. If so, remain put until help arrives. Should someone else be hurt, instruct that person to stay still and then call emergency services. 

Move Aside

Cars that are still drivable should be brought to the breakdown lane. Turn off your engine and remain inside your vehicle. Use road flares to warn oncoming vehicles of your presence.

Exchange Information

If the driver of your accident fled the scene, then you may need assistance from a lawyer to help you get compensation for your accident injuries and losses. If the driver stayed at the scene, then trade insurance details and more with them. You must gather:

Your phone’s camera can make collecting these data points much easier, especially if a pen and paper are not handy. Note the street where the accident occurred and refrain from discussing fault.

Report Everything

Collect as much evidence as you can before leaving the scene. Keep an accident information folder on hand to make data aggregation as easy as possible. Take pictures and videos of all involved vehicles, paying particular attention to fresh damage. Record outstanding factors such as poor weather conditions, road hazards, and malfunctioning streetlights. Speak with witnesses and take down their contact info and statements. 

As your MD hit and run accident lawyer in Frederick may explain, in some states, it’s a legal requirement that you call the police after having a wreck. When officers arrive, be honest and thorough with your description of events. Get the name and badge number of the official reporting to the scene. The officer will write a report incorporating everything you say. Alternatively, head to the local police department and fill one out yourself. Make copies of the report, as it is extremely likely that your insurance company will request one.

After the scene has been cleared, get in touch with your car insurer. Even if you are not at fault, your claim could still be denied. Under such circumstances, contact a car accident lawyer to put the legal process into motion. Sometimes the threat of litigation alone is enough to spur payment. A hit and run accident lawyer in Frederick, Maryland at Peeples Law Group is ready to hear from you, so call today.

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