What to Do in a Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce can make an already complex process even more challenging to resolve. When a divorce requires the division of assets or there are outstanding issues that one or both spouses must resolve, the divorce is usually classified as contested. In these cases, the divorce is not completely agreed upon. One spouse may not agree with how some assets are distributed, or one spouse might demand spousal payments. Here are some of the things that you should do if you are facing a contested divorce. 


Review Your Assets 

Evaluating your assets and determining the value can be a time-consuming process. If you have many assets that you need to evaluate, the process can take even longer. Sometimes one or both spouses will disagree about the valuation of certain assets, who owns which assets, and how they should be divided. Go through all of your assets so that you can decide how you want them to be distributed. 


Respond to the Petition 

You have a limited time to respond after receiving divorce papers. Do not simply do nothing if you are given divorce papers. You are required to give a response if you have been served the petition, otherwise, the divorce will just be granted anyway. Providing a proper response is not just necessary, but it allows you to have the opportunity to question the basis of the divorce or challenge their demands if they are also seeking child support or spousal payments. You have the right to express your own opinions and concerns. Depending on how you respond to them, you could be required to take additional steps. 


Meet With a Lawyer 

A contested divorce is often complicated, especially when you and your ex have multiple points that you do not agree on. Having a contested divorce lawyer like one at Attorney Bernie will make the process go as efficiently as possible. Whatever the issue, a lawyer will be able to provide prompt legal assistance. Schedule a consultation to see how you can obtain legal help with a divorce.